Maximized power output

Shading can cause a 50% drop in system-wide efficiency of a central (or string) inverter system. Micro-inverter systems isolate the impact of shading to specific modules, reducing efficiency losses to 10-20%.

Improved system reliability

Unlike traditional DC-based string/central inverters which have a high DC voltage of up to 600V, AC systems are less likely to sustain Arc faults (a major cause of PV fires) due to the internal DC voltage being limited tothat of a single PV module. Furthermore, AC module micro inverters can detect abnormalities in grid voltage, automatically shutting off PV Power.

Rapid installation

Faster and easier installation and more system design flexibility to accommodate various roof structures. Installing and maintaining AC systems saves time as the inverters are already installed under the panels, no internal DC conduit is required.

Maintenance cost savings

Unlike traditional inverters, which carry 5-year warranties, our micro inverters carry a 25-year warranty. This translates into substantial maintenance cost savings.

AC module

  • SRP-Solaris™
  • Product No.:SRP-6MB、SRP-6PB
  • Type: monocrystalline, polycrystalline
  • Power:480-520 w
  • Dimensions:1640 * 992 * 40 mm
  • Applications: residential and commercial
  • Datasheet download
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