Strict quality control system

Seamless and Transparent Traceability

Seraphim’s cutting-edge platform regulates Quality Control and makes the flow public and traceable.

Barcodes make products traceable

Composition of the product

quality of raw materials, components, and suppliers.

Production flow information

End-to-end monitoring of production flow and processing of parametric information,

Root cause analysis

Determine accountability and ensure necessary corrections forproduct quality and customer satisfaction.

Real-time check makes production process public

Seraphim allows production management information to be checked against the ERP system. Customers canlog in to monitor production and processing flow.

Cloud storage. The preceding data is obtained from the "electric property test room and curing room" update module of the ERP system

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Quality is the core of Seraphim. From design, purchasing, production, testing, and transportation, Seraphim complies with ISO 9001 quality management standards. eraphim attaches great importance to environmental protection and quality of lifeand passes various ISO certifications.

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