High quality at low cost

Our relentless pursuit of perfection yields a high price-performance ratio for you.

  • Seamless and Transparent
  • Traceability
  • ERP-integrated barcode system for product traceability
  • Real-time production management information made public
  • Learn more about quality control
  • Dual control
  • Advanced HALM test system
  • On-site power measurement validation program
  • With the sole focus of delivering a superb product

The choice is simple

Our test results speak for themselves.

  • Holding ourselves to
  • a higher standard
  • Superior power generation, stable excellent performance
  • Outstanding test result in Photon laboratory’s outdoor yield measurements
  • View Photon test

The best fit

Continuous innovation and improvement to satisfy your most challenging requirements

  • Create big energy on small roofs
  • Seraphim Polaris™/Solaris™ AC modules
  • increase output up to 25%
  • compared to DC arrays
  • Learn more about AC module
  • The best choice for MW-scalePV projects
  • Separate 3-Way junction box
  • shortens construction time
  • while boosting module performance and safety
  • Learn more about EzBox™
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