Thresher Test

At present, it is widely recognized around the world that the average service life of crystalline silicon PV cells is 25~30 years. In practical application, however, some PV modules work less than 25 years before they fail. Purchasers not only expect to see IEC61215 and IEC61730 certificates, they pay more attention to service life of the modules.
As a third-party certification body, TÜV SÜD helps customers reduce different risks arising from technical development, winning trust and acknowledgement from the customers by professionalism and experience. In order to maintain stable power output of PV power plants and boost healthy development, TÜV SÜD drew up a set of methods to assess module service life–Thresher test (three times the IEC). The test items include thermal cycling, damp heat, PID, UV, humidity freeze, and hot mark, all are intended to test whether PV modules can normally work and guarantee stable power output under extreme conditions.

The First around the world to be awarded Thresher certificate

On Jun. 14, 2013, Mr. Robert Puto, the oversea PV product department director of Technical Inspection Association (referred to as TÜV SÜD), issued Mr. Li Gang, the general manager of Jiangsu SERAPHIM Solar System Co., Ltd., (referred to as Seraphim) a certification mark for product lasting aging and durability test, in TÜV SÜD headquarter in Shanghai, China. This event not only indicates that Seraphim monocrystalline series modules and polycrystalline series modules show long service life and stable performance in practical application but also fully demonstrate Seraphim' years of effort in adhering to the purpose of producing quality modules.

Work together to overcome technical difficulty

Seraphim is always a leader in module quality control. Since modules will be exposed under extreme conditions in practical applications, including damp heat, salt spray, ammonia, dust, rain, snow, wind, and frost, backsheet weathering resistance plays an important role in service life of modules. In order to overcome this technical difficulty, Seraphim cooperates with Fujifilm. The module product jointly developed by Seraphim and Fujifilm successfully passes the lasting aging and durability test, which is a demonstration of weathering resistance of Seraphim modules as well as an explanation of outstanding characteristics of Fujifilm backsheets.

"Fujifilm backsheet is a brand-new non-gel fluoride enhanced plane product which is an outcome of the combination of two original core technologies that Fujifilm applies in films: the reinforced PET base film manufacturing technology and the non-gel coating precision molding technology. By the first time, a 250-micron-thick reinforced PET (hydrolysis PET) has been successfully added in the middle layer of the backsheet, thus, it has an unprecedented ability to resist high temperature and humidity (85°C and 85% RH) for as long as 5000 hours and an excellent resistance to UV characteristics. Besides, no adhesive is needed, freeing users of worry over delamination, peeling and other undesirable phenomena.

Thanks to these characteristics, the module produced jointly developed by Seraphim and Fujifilm successfully passes the lasting aging and durability test, which further proves that Seraphim module is able to run stably for a long time and guarantee power output in however extreme environmental condition and finally help Seraphim win customers' trust and acknowledgement."

——Mr. Goto, executive director of Fujifilm Corporation

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