Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (“Seraphim”) recently signed new landmark supply agreements for two separate PV projects totaling 80MW in Vietnam. The Solar farms are a joint venture project of AMI Renewables of Vietnam and AC Energy of the Philippines. Seraphim agreed to deliver the PV modules for a targeted commission date in late April 2019.

The first project, 30MW BMT Solar Farm Project will be constructed at the Ea Phe and Krong Puk Commune, Krong Pac District, Dak Lak Province; and the second one, 50MW KH Solar Farm Project, will be constructed at Cam An Nam Commune, Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province. Both projects will be constructed by ERS Energy Sdn Bhd, which is one of the leading regional EPC contractors in South East Asia headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“We are honored to be the sole module supplier for these flagship projects”, said Polaris Li, General Manager of Seraphim, “This is Seraphim’s first project in Vietnam—more are forthcoming. Vietnam is currently the largest PV market in Southeast Asia, and Seraphim’s performance here will be the benchmark by which future projects measure their success.”

“We are delighted to work with Seraphim” said Jonathan Kan, Managing Director of ERS Energy Sdn Bhd. “We were impressed by their professionalism and willingness to communicate critical milestones in advance. Seraphim has over six gigawatts installed around the world—we believe this cooperation is the formula for success in Vietnam”, he continued.

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (“Seraphim”), has received enquiries from customers about a “limited product warranty” offered by Seraphim Solar USA Manufacturing, Inc. (“SSUM”), which is posted on SSUMs website.

Seraphim is an independent company from SSUM. The official website of Seraphim is http://www.seraphim-energy.com. Seraphim is a BNEF listed Tier 1 module maker with headquarters located in Changzhou, China. Seraphim has not made and does not make any promises, warranties, guarantees, or representations about the quality or condition of solar modules manufactured by SSUM.

Please contact us at marketing@seraphim-energy.com immediately if you have questions or concerns about these issues.

Seraphim Solar System Co. Ltd. (“Seraphim”), a world-class solar module manufacturer, introduced a new smart solar module today, a smart DC module integrated with “NEP PV-Guard”, a module rapid-shutdown device made by Northern Electric and Power (NEP). This product is designed specifically for the residential and C&I rooftop markets in North America, and will bring solar projects installed after Jan. 1, 2019 into compliance with NEC 2017 module-level rapid shutdown.

When compared to traditional modules, Seraphim’s integrated rapid-shutdown modules with NEP PV-Guard help optimize the safety and performance of any given PV array. Smart modules offer customers’ real-time monitoring at the module level to enable proactive maintenance, reducing losses, plus providing zero power clipping, flexible array design, and compatibility with leading inverters.

The NEP PV-Guard has two options for PV systems. 1) NEP PVG-B is a junction box-integrated rapid shutdown function, replacing the traditional junction box in order to meet module-level shutdown compliance without external boxes; and 2) Option 2 is the NEP PVG-R, a retrofit rapid shutdown solution. It is installed on the system separate from the modules. The NEP PV-Guard has been tested and verified by leading string inverter manufacturers.

About NEP

Founded in 2010 in Silicon Valley California, NEP has engineered and produced higher-quality central inverters, micro inverters, and rapid shutdown devices at better price points. NEP micro inverter is the only certified micro inverter in Japan and is the only commercially available micro inverter in the Japanese market. It has cutting edge MLPE technology allowing increased energy harvest compared to other brands.

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (“Seraphim) is once again attending Renewable Energy India 2018, at the India Expo Centre, Greater Noida, on 18-20 September, 2018

India’s newly-imposed safeguard duty of 25% on solar imports applies solely to Chinese and Malaysian solar products—but Seraphim’s new South Africa factory is exempted. This brand-new 300 MW factory near Capetown is now in full production and provides high-quality modules directly to clients in India and elsewhere.

At the 2018 REI show, Seraphim is presenting its newest module design, an exciting high-efficiency bifacial product that generates 10-25% more power output compared to traditional modules, depending on background reflectivity. Alongside the bifacial, Seraphim’s other highlights are the “Blade” module, a high-performance half-cell module ideal for power plants, and the Eclipse, a shingled-cell offering. Of course, our standard 1500V mono and poly product lines are still bestsellers all over South Asia. Seraphim is serious about its commitment to India, since we’ve supplied solar products to loyal customers there for almost five years.

REI is supported by India’s government agencies to create the best possible exposition for global manufacturers demonstrating leading-edge RE products.

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. is a vertically-integrated, 3.3GW global manufacturer of PV modules and related professional services, consistently listed as a Tier-1 solar module maker by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for over three years. To date, more than 4GW of Seraphim’s products are installed in thirty different countries.

As an important milestone for our Brazilian strategy, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (“Seraphim”) is attending Intersolar South America 2018 at Expo Center Norte/White Pavilion, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 28-30 August, 2018 — South America’s largest solar event.

Seraphim is particularly focused on Intersolar SA because it’s the premiere venue to showcase leading module technology. This year, we are proud to present our newest module, a high-efficiency bifacial design which generates 10-25% additional power versus traditional modules, via ambient reflected light. Alongside the bifacial, other highlights will be the Blade module, our high-performance half-cell module ideal for utility-scale projects, and also the Eclipse, our shingled-cell offering, and our standard 1500V poly product. Seraphim is serious about its commitment to the Latin American market and has already staffed three separate offices in the territory.

Intersolar South America is the key platform for exhibiting goods and promoting solar technologies in South America. It is highly-regarded by market leaders in solar, including project bidders, technology providers, developers, and trade associations. It also provides various marketing opportunities to connect with potential customers and grow business in the Brazilian solar market and beyond.

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. is a vertically-integrated, 3GW module maker with high-quality PV products and related professional services, listed as Tier-1 solar module maker by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for the last three years. Currently, there are almost 5GW of Seraphim modules installed in thirty different countries.

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co. Ltd. (“Seraphim”), a world-class solar product manufacturer, recently announced the inauguration of its new PV module manufacturing factory in East London IDZ, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

This new 300 MW factory, developed as a joint venture between Seraphim,ILB Helios Southern Africa and Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa, utilizes the latest fully-automated production technology. The USD $14 million module assembly plant is currently in trial production, ramping up to full production in September.

“This isn’t Seraphim’s first overseas facility, but it signifies a critical milestone. Our South African initiative is symbolic of our commitment to global customers seeking reliable Tier-1 capacity to support their project pipeline,” said Polaris Li, General Manager of Seraphim. “We firmly believe in the bright future of South Africa and the entire continent.”

“Our manufacturing operation in East London has added value and momentum to downstream installations in South Africa. And, we’ve been an active part of the South African PV industry since 2014,” commented David Núñez Blundell, co-founder of Seraphim Southern Africa. “We’re excited about the capacity increase and the innovation brought to South Africa by Seraphim.”

June 13th 2018/Nanjing. Today, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (“Seraphim”) announced that it won the supply agreement for a monumental 246MW Ukraine solar project, developed by Ukraine’s largest energy group, DTEK. This installation will be Ukraine ‘s largest renewable energy power plant to date. CMEC is the EPC contractor and Seraphim is the sole module supplier.

This 246MW large-scale PV plant is to be constructed in Dnepropetrovsk in central Ukraine. 246MW of Seraphim’s high-efficiency 330W poly modules will be delivered to the project site before the end of August. When commissioned, the project will meet the electricity needs of over 100,0000 citizens, while reducing carbon emissions by 300,000 tons annually. Furthermore, this massive project symbolizes Ukraine’s rise in renewable development, accelerating the influence of clean energy economics on Ukraine and East Europe as a whole.

Polaris Li, President of Seraphim, comments: “Seraphim is particularly proud to be the sole module supplier for this landmark project. It rewards years of hard work and demonstrates the global recognition of Seraphim’s bankable manufacturing processes—including our reliable brand image. This 246MW solar power plant clearly demonstrates Ukraine’s renewable energy ambitions. We are happy to see how our high standards and professional services bring real value to our clients.”

As a quickly-emerging solar market, Ukraine has great potential. The Ukraine government released its 2020 target to increase renewable energy share, compared to total power consumption, from 3.8% to 11%. It is actively investing 3 billion Euros (3.4 billion USD) into solar development. Ukraine has long been one of Seraphim’s most valued markets. Last year, Seraphim shipped 1.2MW of modules to Izmail for another milestone in PV project history. Going forward, Seraphim will continue to actively participate in Ukraine’s solar industry development.

On April 21, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (“Seraphim”) attended the First Partners Conference and Themed Book Reading held by the China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation’s iHEARu Charity Fund in Beijing, to help impoverished hearing-impaired children regain health at an early time. Vice President of Seraphim Qian Hongjiang, Secretary General of the iHEARu Charity Fund Wang Juan, Director of the Otology Department of Tongren Hospital Li Yongxin, representatives of volunteers, parents of healed children, and managers of rehabilitation school attended the event..

Seraphim and iHEARu Charity Fund reached a long-term partnership which primarily targets the “Cognitive Center” project for those hearing-impaired children. This is a program aims at improving the effectiveness of rehabilitation training center so as to get those children prepared for ordinary public education.

The program consists of two main parts: the “hardware” part of facilities and tools, and the “software” part of a systematic training program. The “hardware” part means books, play tools, educational tools etc. specially designed for accelerating the rehabilitation process and developing learning ability. The “software” part means a systematic training program for teachers at recovery centers and parents of children with hearing problems. This training program will show them how to take care of and educate hearing impaired children and how to get those poor kids prepared for ordinary public education.

Representatives of volunteers, parents of hearing impaired children, and recovery centers shared their stories in the work of helping these disabled children, which deeply moved all the attendees. As the executive directors of the iHEARu Charity Fund, CCTV’s famous host Ma Hongtao and Chen Jie, together with Xie Yingling, Peng Kun, Ji Xing, Li Bing, Dong Liping, Lv lv, Chen Liang brought to the audience an excellent recital art performance.

Seraphim Energy Group (“Seraphim”), the U.S. entity of Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd., recently announced a long-term partnership with REFACSOL, an international wholesale distributor of solar systems. In thefuture, Seraphim will supply REFACSOL with innovative, reliable and high-efficiency solar modules.

REFACSOL is a very strong local partner for Seraphim in the DG in Mexico, based in Queretaro. This event marks that Seraphim is forging ahead and full-steam into Mexico and then expanding to other markets in Latin America. With the help of our reliable and highly professional partners in Mexico, we are very confident that Seraphim will enter a new era in LAC solar market.

“We are very proud to work with Seraphim, whose products have been widely applied all around the world and being highly recommended by professional third parties,” commented Mr. Mariel Manzanares, General Manager of REFACSOL. “Having Seraphim as our partner is a big step for REFACSOL and will bring us a win-win future.”

“We are very pleased to enter into this new agreement with REFACSOL and sucha joint collaboration will further execute our expanding strategy, especially inthe ¨Bajio region¨, one of the most important industrial regions in Mexico, to raiseour brand awareness and build clients’ trust in Latin America,” concluded Mr. Jun Zhuge, CEO of Seraphim Energy Group.”

Recently, Seraphim Energy Group (“Seraphim”) and World Technology Supply Corp. (“WTS”), headquartered in Miami, Florida, announced long-term partnership in LAC solar market. Under this strategic cooperation, Seraphim will immediately begin to provide its high performance, high quality solar panels to WTS. In the meantime, WTS will start local marketing campaigns to bring to consumer markets various types of high efficiency products of Seraphim’s. Both parties believe this powerful coalition will help to win a larger share of LAC solar market.

“It gives us great pleasure to start this exciting partnership with Seraphim. As a Tier 1 module maker, Seraphim is renowned for its high standards in products quality and professional services. We look forward to seeing the fruitful achievements of our cooperation in the future,” said Ricardo López, Operations Director of WTS.

“We are happy to enter into a partnership with World Technology Supply, who is a very professional and reliable clean energy performer,” said Jun Zhuge, CEO of Seraphim Energy Group. “Our cooperation isn’t limited to module sales, but also co-branding in the local market. The LAC solar market is very promising and we are very confident, with the help of our excellent partners, to quickly rise and become a local market leader in the near future.”