Changzhou, China

In the Ecobuild show, Solar Selection interviewed Seraphim sales team and got deeply impression by the high quality and black appearance PV module. After explained how to make the PV module in Seraphim’s advanced factory, Solar selection said the quality can compete with those Tier one players!

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Changzhou, China

SERAPHIM has received Intertek’s salt mist corrosion certificate for all its solar photovoltaic modules, in accordance with the IEC 61701 standard.

To receive the certificate, SERAPHIM’s PV modules have passed a series of salt,mist and corrosion tests, and the test demonstrated SERAPHIM’s modules have the ability to withstand harsh natural environments. The samples are unprotected to high concentrations of salt mist, both ceaselessly and intermittently, to copy impassioned probable exposures in use. They are also hold during high temperatures and steam and an exam is sealed by watching any degradation, energy loss, or detriment of insulation.

Intertek’s salt spray test confirmed that SERAPHIM’s PV modules will be able to maintain their high level of performance when installed in coastal environment and regions with high levels of rain, fog and acidity.

“Intertek is a respected certification authority, whose results are widely accepted by European and international customers,” said SERAPHIM’s Technical director, Terry Jin, “Passing the salt, mist and corrosion test attests to the quality of SERAPHIM’s panels and ensured that the installations can take place on the coast and in locations with higher salt mist concentrations. We are keenly aware of the wide range of conditions panels will be exposed to and we will continue to find more solutions to help our customers overcome limitations given by other products or the environments.”

Changzhou, China

With the photovoltaic modules provided by Seraphim Solar System, the first megawatt solar park, also the biggest solar project in Würzburg passed the EEG test successfully.

The solar park lies in a 19,400 square meters commercial plot, Rosenmühlweg, comprising 5,600 photovoltaic modules with a capacity of 1.46 MWp, will start converting sunlight into electricity soon and can save more than 1000 tons of carbon dioxide every year. Also, it will be fed into the grid to supply about 400 households in Würzburg.

Die Sonnenfirma is project general contractor. “We completed the construction with all different supports especially Seraphim Solar System, the panels manufacturer. SERAPHIM’s panels are designed to adapt the environment better than conventional products. Else with SERAPHIM’s anti-reflection treatment, we can get more power from the custom-made panels. Through long-term cooperation, I regard SERAPHIM as a reliable partner who can provide not only high quality products but also remarkable services. Würzburg project is really a key milestone for both of us, and in fact it is just one element of our long-term goal to be a highly capable and efficient producer of solar power.” said by Mr. Heiner Büld, CEO of Die Sonnenfirma.

In 2012, SERAPHIM and Die Sonnenfirma will have more cooperation. Three more solar parks have been in pipeline and would be realized in east of Germany with a total capacity of 10 MWp.