Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (“Seraphim”), a world’s leading-quality producer of solar panels, announced it has entered into a partnership with CUMT (China University of Mining and Technology) and CIET (Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology).

Thanks to the policy of solar DG (distributed generation) in China, three parties of Seraphim, CUMT and CIET have established a joint force to design and produce the solar-powered roof that tailored for Chinese style houses. Seraphim’s R&D department, with six selected CUMT & CIET students and two professors, will team up together for a solution which will be energy-efficient, elegant and easy operation.

Seraphim has spent a few months in the preparation of designing and building a prototype with Seraphim solar PV products, the prototype house will be kept on Seraphim Fab1 upon completion and used as the design activities center. CUMT has massive photovoltaic research facilities and statistical data on Chinese roofs while CIET team can contribute their rich system design & operation practicing expertise.

“We are very delighted to have the opportunity to work with Seraphim for such an exciting project.” stated Mr. Zhang, Professor of China University of Mining and Technology. “With the common goal and Seraphim’s leadership, we will fully utilize our research capability and laboratory facilities. We hope this project will serve as a successful model and an effective teaching tool for CUMT.”

Polaris Li, General Manager of Seraphim, said, “We are proud of partnering with the esteemed CUMT and CIET to deliver this state-of-the-art solution utilizing Seraphim’s highly efficient and reliable solar PV panels. Our joint will be a long-term partnership, which will be beneficial for all three parties. With forward-thinking, Seraphim will be the industrial pioneer of innovative solution towards China’s tremendous solar distributed generation market.”

Aug, 2013 – Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (“Seraphim”), a world’s leading-quality producer of solar panels, announced it has built two local logistics centers in Melbourne and Brisbane to strengthen its position in Australia.

These logistics centers have been in operation to provide the existing and new clients with Seraphim’s full portfolio of products including the newly launched Polaris & Solaris AC modules. Through this setup, Seraphim also can offer local technical and consultancy services which truly help the customers.

Across the territory, Seraphim has teamed up with the Australia’s largest solar company as well as the carefully selected regional wholesalers. The local warehousing will provide the excellent product availability and delivery buffer for small to big orders, which help the clients to shorten the cycle time of project planning and implementation. Seraphim has gained superior stock management expertise through its expansion in other developed markets.

Fully accredited by CEC (Clean Energy Council), Seraphim also paid great efforts to distinguish it from the average products. In PHOTON’s outdoor yield measurement, Seraphim poly crystalline panels proudly ranked as top-2 performer in terms of performance ratio kwh/kw. Earlier this year, Seraphim, as the world 1st manufacturer, was awarded TUV SUD ‘Thresher’ certification, which is based on new protocol to tackle the silicon modules’ reliability and lifetime concerns that the traditional IEC 61215+IEC 61730 certification are not sufficient.

Justin Xi, Executive General Manager of Seraphim Solar System, said: “Australia is a tremendous solar market, the possibilities are not only in residential but also commercial sector in near future, Seraphim is ready to grow together by bringing our quality solutions and services to Australia.”

8th Aug, 2013 – Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (“Seraphim”), a world’s leading-quality producer of solar panels, announced that it has donated 8KW off-grid solar PV systems to two Tibetan primary schools respectively in Pajiang village of Shigatse, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Qudeng village of Litang county, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province.

Located in remote area of Tibet Plateau, the two villages of the primary schools are not only lack of transportation infrastructure but also far away from the national grid. These off-grid systems will meet the basic electricity needs of the schools. In addition, hundreds of books, winter clothing, stationeries and other necessary supplies donated by Seraphim employees were also delivered to the schools for the start of new semester.

“Seraphim will team up with the Tibet Care Associations, and continuously offer our help. Social Responsibilities is not reserved for huge companies, we are committed to integrate social, environmental, and economic concerns into our values and operations. We care people, the people of Seraphim, the people of our community and the people who need the most help. The charity plays an important role in contributing to the sustainable growth and promoting our value of ‘Partner to Customer, Friend to Community, Family to Staff’ ” said Polaris Li, General Manager of Seraphim Solar System.

1st Aug, 2013 – Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (“Seraphim”), a world’s leading-quality producer of solar panels, announces the launch of its AC modules Polaris and Solaris to the global market, beginning in Australia.

As opposed to DC system utilizing string or central inverters, ACPV system that is preassembled with microinverters allows each solar panel to operate independently, therefore the typical environmental factors or the module mismatch do not degrade the overall performance of the array, there is minimal negative impact on the solar harvest. AC module systems avoid high DC voltage, which makes installation and maintenance safer and offers greater safety.

Terry Jin, Technical Director of Seraphim Solar System, said: “Partnered with APS Inc, a professional supplier of microinverters, Seraphim AC modules undergo vigorous factory testing, evaluation and field tracking, resulting in the highest quality. Polaris is a pre-assembled system consisting of an YC250 microinverter and 1 Seraphim panel while Solaris embodies an YC500 and 2 panels, in either silver or black color, mono or poly crystalline.”

“Our AC modules provide up to 25% more energy output than the conventional systems, while reducing up to 50% of the system design and installation cost. In addition, the availability of Polaris and Solaris together offer great flexibility in system design especially for the complicated residential rooftops.”

“Seraphim is committed to bringing the highest quality PV solutions and services, Polaris and Solaris AC modules enrich our product portfolio for the high growth Australian as well as the global markets. These large residential applications offer tremendous potential for Seraphim AC solutions,” said Justin Xi, Executive GM of Seraphim Solar System.

With intelligent networking and monitoring systems, Seraphim is proud to offer the ACPV solution in a complete way. Seraphim’s ECU (Energy Communication Unit) is the information gateway to collect and transfer module performance data in real-time, giving comprehensive control over each individual module. Seraphim’s Monitoring system can constantly monitors the installation, which allows customers around-the-clock management of their solar PV array through any web-enabled device at anywhere.

Recently, a joint press conference was held by TÜV SÜD, Seraphim Solar and Fuji Film. Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd was granted the world 1st “Thresher Certification”, for its outstanding product reliability and power output performance.

“The traditional IEC 61215+IEC 61730 certification alone is not sufficient response to the concerns about the reliability of PV modules. Thresher Mark is a new reliability protocol developed based on the conventional tests of photovoltaic silicon modules. The modules will be placed under extended environmental and power output tests, challenging the ability of the module to perform safely and reliably in the long term. The Thresher protocol is a very useful diagnostic tool to detect lifetime criticalities,” said by Robert Puto, the TÜV SÜD Global Director of Photovoltaics said, “PV modules that pass the Thresher Certification offer a much higher level of confidence in terms of long-term reliability as compared to those having only certification. I’m very happy to see the Chinese company like Seraphim continuously invest in quality to be the 1st Thresher Certification Mark owner. ”

Polaris Li, the General Manager of Seraphim Solar System said, “it is generally believed that the lifetime of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules is 25-30years, but in the field practical applications, some PV power plants suffer from underperforming energy output. In order to guarantee the lifetime with a stable power output of our PV module, we started to submit our product to TÜV SÜD for the Thresher, which test the PV modules under 3 times stringent environmental conditions than the traditional certification, we are very proud of and confident with our modules’ long-term durability and reliability, this is not only a single test but a milestone for the industry. Together with the top yield performance in Photon 2012 outdoor test and the TUV On-site Power Measurement Program, we believe Seraphim can deliver more value to our clients’ investments. ”

Fujifilm Corporation and its representative, Goto Yoshihisa san, the Executive Director also attended the conference, he mentioned, “As a major component supplier of Seraphim, Fujifilm work closely with their technical team, we know how to make the long-last materials to support the PV module’s lifetime requirement, this test is also very important to our future developments”.

Over 3 days of 19th – 21st Jun 2013, some 50,000 visitors from more than 150 countries flocked to Intersolar at Messe Munich. The Seraphim delegation, a team of 12 persons from China Headquarter and Europe Branch, successfully exhibited in Hall A3. Intersolar Europe is the 5th trade show in a row Seraphim participated in 2013. 

This year, the newly developed products FrameLess (frameless module) and DualGlass (double glass module) were showcased, the visitors show very strong interests to the new products as well as the regular offerings.

Changzhou, China

Seraphim Solar System Co.,Ltd has announced that its photovoltaic modules has achieved Russia’s GOST-R accreditation, as the first Chinese photovoltaic modules company with qualifications to enter into Russian market.

Russia’s installation capacity will be increased to 6GW by 2020,including 2GW of photovoltaic installation after the new renewable energy legislation. Seraphim has closely followed the market pace, considered about the development of this emerging market promptly.

Russian certification (GOST) since 1995 Russian federal law “Products and Certification Services Act” enacted, Russia began to implement mandatory access system certification, requiring goods sold on the Russian market must have the GOST certification.

Changzhou, China

Confirmation that high performance modules are not the reserve of large tier 1 suppliers, mid-sized Chinese producer, Seraphim Solar System recently noted its fourth ranked position in in PHOTON’s 2012 module yield test.

Only beaten by recognized performance leader, SunPower, Seraphim was the first ranked conventionally built polycrystalline modules with its 6PB series module first provided for the field testing in late 2011, produced a high performance ratio of 93.6%.

Polaris Li, the General Manger of Seraphim Solar System said, “In Seraphim, we attach to every detail in each production step, we believe such extraordinary achievements is resulting from extreme quality standards and daily implementation. We prefer to collaborate with the most authorized 3rd party engineering company like Photon to verify our product quality and performance. The Photon outdoor field test is real performance indicator because of the well developed testing mythology and the test is based on different seasons and under different light conditions. In addition, together with the world 1st On-site Power Validation Certificate, which we received from TUV SUD early this year, Seraphim is continuously investing in quality, our efforts will be recognized by the global clients soon.”