Shining in the Sun — Seraphim donated solar systems to Tibetan schools

In October 2013, Seraphim donated and distributed solar systems to the primary schools of Heni Town in Litang County, and the primary school of Pajiang Town in Zhongba in the County of Tibet. These two systems will provide the basic electricity needs of the schools. The electricity will be used for lighting and water purification. Each of the two systems are 4.4kW, and composed of 18 pieces of 230W standard Seraphim Poly modules.

In addition, the students were invited to visit our factory, because we believe they are the future, and we want to encourage them to unleash their potential in building a better tomorrow. At Seraphim, we believe that we must promote solar energy for a better tomorrow.

The Seraphim team travelled thousands of miles, and in harsh conditions, to install all the components of the solar systems. They also braved high altitudes and cold weather conditions. But the warm welcome from the Tibetan residents and children’s smiles- in anticipation of the clean energy for their school- kept the team motivated.

Seraphim’s General Manager Polaris Li said, “We really want to help these children. We’d like the Tibetan children to have good learning facilities, and the same conditions as their peers in more advanced areas. Tibet has abundant solar resources, and a 5kW solar project can provide enough clean electricity for a primary school.”