First Eclipse Project in Philippines

  Carbon-reduced: 50.11 ton          Trees Plantend: 27

First Eclipse Project in Philippines

In January 2017, the 32.2kW civil solar power generation system in Manila, Philippines using Seraphim’s DuraFlex™ and Eclipse™ modules was completed and successfully passed the final inspection.

Based on its local natural environment conditions and construction requirements, Seraphim provided two types of modules for the power station. The DuraFlex™ passed authoritative third-party testing and realized 8000Pa mechanical load performance, becoming the most robust and durable PV module in the world; while Eclipse™ was an innovative module developed by Seraphim. The technology increased the efficiency of the module, while enhanced its stability and aesthetical beauty. The BOS cost was also reduced. This powerful combination of these two types of modules greatly increased the customers’ profits.

As the module supplier of this project, Seraphim made all efforts to seek the best energy solution for the customer, striving to optimize project cost while providing high-quality products. It was known that after the establishment of the photovoltaic power station, the indoor temperature in summer can be lowered by 5-10℃. Compared with thermal power generation, that could be equivalent to reducing 49.8 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

It is well known that due to the long-term insufficient power supply in Philippines, “electricity shortage” happens in many areas in the country and the electricity price has been remained high for a long time. With great product quality and customer-driven services, Seraphim quickly broke into the Philippine market. In the future, Seraphim will continue to deliver reliable, efficient and qualified photovoltaic modules for Philippine market.