The Largest Ever Floating Solar PV System in Singapore

  Carbon-reduced: 317.47 ton         Trees Plantend: 4264

In October 2016, the largest ever floating solar photovoltaic system in Singapore formally completed the grid connection and went into operation. The installed capacity was 204kW, using SRP-315-6PA modules. Through this project, the Singapore government aimed to verify the feasibility and sustainability of the floating solar photovoltaic system installed at the source of drinking water.

Singapore is famous for its environment protection in the world. Limited by its small land area, floating projects on the water is the only one choice left for them. It was known that the selected location for testing platform was at the Tengeh reservoir. The test was completed by two stages: in the first stage, 10 different systems were tested on one hectare’s test water of Tengeh reservoir. The evaluation would take 6 months and the 2 best performed systems would go into the second testing stage. After passing the test successfully, Singapore will discuss the possibility of massively adopting these floating PV systems across the country. And the estimated target capacity of later formal project can reach up to 2MW.

When it came to cooperation, the director of the biggest EPC comapnay in Singapore said that they finally chose Seraphim out from the BNEF Tier 1 list for its reliable product performance, excellent warranty and after-sales services, after evaluating the properties of photovoltaic modules such as life cycle, temperature range in working environment, attenuation warranty period and attenuation rate as well as after-sales services. In future, they will continue to cooperate with Seraphim as a long-term module supplier.

As a global leading photovoltaic module manufacturer, Seraphim has built multiple rooftop and commercial projects in Manila, Cebu in Philippines and other places. Besides, there are also several projects under negotiation. We will continue to be innovative in terms of quality, technology and services, to provide pleasant investment experience with high yields and returns for customers.