Seraphim Module Appeared on Australian EcoGeneration

  Carbon-reduced: 156.87 ton         Trees Plantend: 86

In June 2016, Seraphim was the supplier of the biggest professional Australian lighting retailer BEACON’s commercial roof project and was highly evaluated by the customer. The project was also used by the most authoritative local magazine EcoGeneration in photovoltaic industry as an outstanding case; more than half of the whole page was used to present the program pictures, showing the products made and sold overseas by Seraphim. The project was located in Melbourne, and the whole system used Seraphim’s SRP-260-6PB modules. The total number of modules used was 384 and the designed capacity was 100kW. A team of nine finished the installation in only 2 weeks and successfully completed the grid connection. The estimated annual electricity production would be 130 thousand Kw/h, which was the same as reducing 47t standard coal and 130t Carbon dioxide emission annually.

The project included a Tesla electric car charger and custom-designed display in the reception area. The installation reduced energy consumption for the Beacon Lighting business and delivered an attractive ROI. At the same time, the project grasped the new opportunity for BEACON to go into the PV market, which brought positive attribute to BEACON.

As for the cooperation with Seraphim, the director of BEACON said that Seraphim was a reliable module supplier in terms of products and services. He also hoped to gain a quick access to local market and to seek more opportunities for cooperation with local partners by leveraging Seraphim’s high-standard products and global brand awareness.

As one of the most sophisticated market of rooftop PV projects in the world, the Australian government has always provided support in fiscal subsidies and tax reimbursement to encourage the development of solar energy. The continuing decline of solar manufacturing costs in this year, and the rising price of large-scale Green Certificates in Australia, made Seraphim firmly believe that solar building boom would appear in Australia within one year. Currently, in the stream of photovoltaic industry, Seraphim firmly grasped the opportunity to open up new markets. By good effects of innovative modules and intellectual production edge, Seraphim built trustworthy brand image and good reputation, which also helped Seraphim’s module to attract foreign customers including those from Australia. Besides, the products’ high quality was well approved by abroad and local authorities.

For all these years, by delivering great effort in exploiting Australian market, Seraphim’s team has established reliable relationship with the local customers and business owners so as to deliver better services. We believe that Seraphim will deliver continuous value for our customers, while building effective and qualified brand image, and maintain our leading position of global module manufacturer.