The Green Solar Trip of Jollibee Fried Chicken Shop

  Carbon-reduced: 47.78 ton         Trees Plantend: 26

The Green Solar Trip of Jollibee Fried Chicken Shop

“At Solaric we love chicken and one of our favorite binges in the office is ordering buckets of Chicken Joy to celebrate birthdays, completed big projects or any occasion we can think of. We were surprised to learn that to run a fast food joint you need LOTS and LOTS of power and we got a call from a very busy bee to Solarize their establishment. Those chillers, aircons, fryers and lights really rack up a large electric bill and found electric billings going up to the six digits! They tried using old school solar with battery setup to run the lights but werent finding the return of investment they were looking for. They shopped around and called us since we had a long track record of completed projects and reduced electric bills. After a thorough power analysis, an upsized “Solaric Joy” 30kWp pallet meal was ordered. A complete solar installation using one of our top brands Tier 1 Seraphim Duraflex which is the “Architects” choice to withstand super typhoon winds and give high yields at fast returns a busy business needs to grow. With just a week of installation and only an hour of downtime, we hooked up this system in this fast paced restaurant and now the only slow moving thing is the electric meter. Thanks to the Sun and copious amounts of Solaric Engineering. In the meantime we probably have to Solarize a Gym soon because all this chicken joy is making us heavy.” These are the feedbacks to Seraphim by the customers on Facebook.

Philippines, owing abundant lighting resources, with highest average daily illumination intensity up to 5.8KWh/㎡, ranking the 2nd in Southeast Asia, is a suitable place for solar applications. This program is located in Manila, Philippines and the first 30kW project of the most well-known local fast food brand Jollibee. The design and installation were finished by top ranked developer and installer (system integrator) Solaric. The whole system adopted Seraphim’s DuraFlex™ 6MB series modules. The designed capacity was 30kW with 120 all-black modules, the area of which was approximately 465 square meters. All of the power generated was used to meet Jollibee’s requirement, which reduces 47t carbon dioxide emission every year, the same with planting 26 trees.

Driving Philippine Green Energy Development

Since August 2015, Seraphim has been provided Philippine market with over 200kW modules through Solaric, across Manila and its neighboring regions, with most of the programs ranging from 3kW, 5kW to 10kW. It’s our passion for new energy and constant focus on customers that make us know very well about every project.

Become the best Choice for Solaric

Soon after breaking into Philippine market, Seraphim’s Brand awareness was not particularly high. By later communication with the director of Solaric, it was revealed that the reason for them to choose Seraphim’s products was that they were impressed by the professional skills and personal charm of Seraphim’s sales personnel, and more importantly, the reliability, efficiency and outstanding performance of Seraphim’s modules. In over 1 year of cooperation with Seraphim, we profoundly enjoyed ourselves in Seraphim’s high-standard product quality and all-round services. For example, Seraphim provide meticulous inspections for all projects after one month installation to make sure the actual function matches predictions. We are satisfied with that. Now, in addition to meet home power requirement, many of our customers can make money out of the generated power.

Due to its advantageous geographical position, competitive manpower cost and other favorable factors, the Philippines has become one of the most promising emerging markets in solar industry. As the No.1 solar distributor in Philippines, and with the help from global leading solar module manufacturer Seraphim, Solaric is bringing clean, renewable and non-polluting green energy, which in the meantime helps Seraphim better serve all of our clients.