Turkey Demonstration Power Station

  Carbon-reduced: 1556.21 ton         Trees Plantend: 853

Turkey locates at one of the best sunny belts in the world, with a population of over 75 million. As demand for power increases day by day, the country enjoying high level solar radiation and mature manufacturing industry has been showing promising solar development prospects.

The two demonstarion distributed projects locates in Aydin, Turkey, using module model SRP-250-6PB provided by Seraphim. They were connected to the grid in June 2016 and both of them sold excess power to the grid. The two projects were built up with 3845 photovoltaic modules in series each, and both could produce no less than 1.6 million kWh per year, which means reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emission by 1500t/year, sulfur dioxide (SO2) by 48t/year, so as to realize environment protection and economic growth at the same time. They sustain great responsibilities as demonstration projects the ground of the demonstration project exhibition area. And now, the local people called there the most beautiful hillside.

The two demonstration power stations were invested by the same company. According to the customer, since the installation of the projects, there had been customers coming to consult about the earnings model and actual profits of PV station every day. Many local customers are interests in investing in power stations for children’s education funds. Futuremore, as a sustainable clean energy, PV industry is of great significance to Turkey’s industrial policy and the sustainable development strategy.

When talking about Seraphim, the customer said that it was a reliable module supplier, in terms of both products and services. At the same time, they hoped to gain quick access into the local market with the help of Seraphim’s high-standard products and global brand awareness and to seek more opportunities to cooperate with the local dealers and partners.