High Quality Products Come from

Stringent Quality Control Systems

Stringent quality control is the cornerstone of Seraphim’s manufacturing. Our customers have come to expect uncompromising quality standards in our products. To meet this expectation of high quality, we continue to invest in state-of-the art equipment and professional training of our employees . We are proud of our product quality and their reliable performance even in the most extreme conditions.
Seraphim has received certifications for Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015), Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007) from both DNV GL and GZCC.
Beyond IS09001 standards, Seraphim also applied for the national “GB T19580 2012 Criteria for Performance Excellence”. This regulates not only product quality, but also production waste, environmental burden, management foresight, etc., which are the necessities for an “excellent” company.



Stringent Supplier Management

Automatic Material Filtration and Sorting

Spot Check Every Feedstock Batch

Proper Storage at Fixed Temperature and Humidity

Supplier Quality Engineering

Incoming-material Quality Assurance


300+ Quality Check Points

100% 3 Times EL Tests

HALM Inside Production Lines

In-process Quality Control


Open Box Audit (OBA) Test


01. High Quality Starts from the Very Beginning

Seraphim performs thorough assessments of all incoming raw materials. There are overall 156 quality control tests including cell efficiency and pull strength detections, EL tests, EVA gel content tests, resistance test of J-box cable, and frame stability tests. All these tests guarantee that every batch of raw materials and every single component is up to Seraphim’s standard of quality.

02. 3 Times EL Tests in Production

Each Seraphim module has to pass 3 rounds of EL test:pre-lamination, post-lamination, and before packing. These tests minimize defective products while reducing the overall production costs.

03. HALM Inside for Performance Testing

All production lines in the Seraphim manufacturing plants are equipped with HALM photovoltaic product characterization testers. The German made H.A.L.M. performance tester uses state of the art Triple A+ level light source with a complex power regulation system and freely adjustable optical pulse settings. H.A.L.M. enables Seraphim to accurately and easily scan out the most important data of each module on the line, such as maximum power, temperature coefficient, and the low-irradiance performance in a relatively short time.

04. Innovations in QC, Improved Reliability

Seraphim innovates the QC process by installing modulator tubes behind the visual inspection checking machine. This fill-in light magnifies flaws like broken cells, micro-cracks, ribbon-less edge chips, etc. so that no defective module will be shipped to our clients. In the meantime, we use high resolution monitors to check whether the gaps between cells meet requirements. This series of quality control tests guarantees that modules function to all the technical specifications while maintaining visual uniformity.

05. Periodical Tests for Long-term Guarantee

Every quarter, Seraphim spot checks all types of modules being produced in the past three months, including thermal cycling, damp heat, PID, UV, humidity freeze, hot spot, and etc., to double check our product.