SERAPHIM implements new product warranty policy

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Changzhou, China

Seraphim Solar System, (“SERAPHIM”), integrated manufacturer of PV products based in Changzhou, China, announced that SERAPHIM has announced to implement the new product warranty policy from 1st January 2011.

With the product warranty policy, the product material guaranteed will be extended to 10 years, where it is 5 years in previous warranty policy. For the minimum power output guarantee, SERAPHIM is guaranteeing 90% minimum output in 12 years and 80% minimum pout in 25 years.

“This would be a significant advancement for the company in its future development. And this change will demonstrate that SERAPHIM is able to offer better products and service to our customers, but also to prove our customers that SERAPHIM is a responsible and reliable company with a series of mature and professional management and quality control system.” Mr. Robert Zhu, Global Director of Sales and Marketing expressed his strong confidence.

“We have already studied this new warranty terms for a while and have decided to implement this new warranty with our analysis and research. I believe that it would bring more confidence about SERAPHIM product quality and performance”. Mr. Polaris added.