SERAPHIM Joins PV CYCLE Association

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Changzhou, China

Seraphim Solar System, (“SERAPHIM”), integrated manufacturer of PV products based in Changzhou, China, announced that it has joined PV CYCLE, an association engaged in setting up voluntary take-back and recycling programs for end-of-life PV modules.

SERAPHIM modules are designed to generate clean and renewable energy for over 25 years. At the end of their commercial life, PV modules need to be recovered and valuable components (such as glass, silicon and aluminum) reused for new module production. PV CYCLE association has been developing robust plans to achieve these purposes with socially responsible PV companies joining its efforts. “When considering the recycle and environment, as a PV module manufacturer, we have the responsibility to minimize the impact of our products to the environment. By participating in PV CYCLE’s waste management and recycling programs, we will be able to better achieve these goals.” said Justin Xi, Officer of Global Sales and Marketing. “