Seraphim launches EzBox Modules on Solarex İstanbul 2015

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April 16, 2015 – Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (“Seraphim””), a world’s leading-quality producer of solar panels, announces the launch of its EzBoxTM modules to the global market on the Solarex istanbul 2015.

As opposed to the traditional 1-Way junction box, EzBoxTM module with 3-Way junction box, helps shorten construction time and boost module performance and safety. It is a wise choice for the MW-level PV project. The EzBoxTM 6PB series modules is used in 15 MW India projects, which is successfully connected to the grid at 2014.

About EzBoxTM

Modules’ series resistance is lowered, which saves cables and busbars and boosts module power. The connection mode is optimized to reduce installation cost and shorten installation time. Diode heating issue is avoided to strengthen safety. 3-Way junction boxes can dissipate heat quickly, which guarantees modules’ safe and stable running state, and to a great extent, guarantees the safe and stable running of a power plant, improving return on investment for customers.