Seraphim Received the Witness Laboratory Accreditation Certificate (WMTC) authorized by CSA Group

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On the July 29th, Seraphim Solar Manufacturing USA, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Seraphim”) received the “Witness Laboratory Accreditation Certificate” (WMTC) authorized by CSA Group(hereafter referred to as “CSA”), and officially became a CSA accredited witness laboratory.

The accreditation of this WMTC means that Seraphim’s new products can now be tested under the supervision of the CSA experts within our factory.

This will definitely save time, normally needed for application of CSA certification, and accelerate new product releases. Thus, Seraphim can respond more rapidly, and be more flexible towards market initiatives, with its relatively low R&D cost. It also means that Seraphim’s in-house testing system has met the best in class, global requirements.

As a global leading solar product manufacturer, Seraphim has had a long established laboratory of its own, to develop new products and to test its solar panels, so as to better serve our clients. The laboratory is an inseparable part of Seraphim’s technical strength.

“Accredited as a CSA witness laboratory, suggests that our testing laboratory is qualified to the strict international testing standards, and demonstrates Seraphim’s professionalism in innovation and creativity. In the future we will cooperate further with international certification bodies in depth, to contribute to a more sustainable world” said Seraphim Executive General Manager, Justin XI.

Jiang Yi, VP of China, CSA Group comments that ‘the Witness Laboratory Accreditation Certificate, will provide a more efficient testing platform for Seraphim’s new products. This is constructive for Seraphim, supplying higher efficiency and more reliable module to global customers, as well as improving Seraphim’s impact in the solar industry.’