Seraphim was Invited to BNEF APAC Summit

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As an international module manufacturer with emphasis on innovation, Seraphim iscontinuously investing in upgrading and developing intelligent production lines. The General Manager of Seraphim, Justin Xi, was invited to attend BNEF, The Future of Energy,APAC Summit 2016 at the Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai during November 1-2. He was also invited to take part in the panel of “Innovation in Solar – Cutting Edge Green Innovation” to discuss with other panelists and guests about smart manufacturing and product development.

Since the foundation of our company, we have always been searching for a unique development strategy. Most of our management team arefrom a technical background; we have many years of experience in the semi-conductor and electronics industry. Naturally, we emphasizetechnological innovation and product quality for our company strategy.

The Best Innovation Born for Market

“Innovation” is one of the most often used words in today’s economy. Some innovations are brought on by technician’s own interests. While in Seraphim, all innovations are sprung from clients’ needs which will ultimately facilitate the application of newer technologies. Seraphim has set up an R&D team and equipped it withadvanced equipmentof high accuracy and precision. Currently,our laboratory has been certified as a witness testing lab by various international and professional third-parties. This way, ournew products can be launched in a shorter time so as to better serve clients, not only our direct clients, but also all the system owners. For example, AC module is designed for rooftop projects; EzBox module, using separated junction boxes, is designed for large-scale projects; DuraFlex module is designed for strong wind and snow area, to name just a few. When it comes to our new product line, Eclipse, every element that defines a perfect solar module was considered— performance, reliability, heat resistance, PID, price and so on.One single Eclipse module could produce 325W of output, which is 15% higher than standard products.We believe this is one the most attractive products in the world of PV.

Lean Produce Makes High Quality and Low Cost

High quality products can’t be made without strict quality control management. Because we all started our careers as technicians, we value the production technology and process very much. One of the major cause of manufacturing flaws is human error. We are trying to reduce human error in our manufacturing by building a fully automated and digitally linkedproductionprocess. All production lines are specially designed for Seraphim’s products and we workingcontinuouslyto improve them. Last year, Seraphim was awarded the first batch of smart factory by Jiangsu government. This year, more improvement allowed for 80% labor saved per line.In the process of improving, as long as we reasonable distribute resources, improve the product quality, then we can achieve the goal of cost control, so as to bring the benefits to customers.

Searching for higher efficiency, reliability, and lower production cost is the main goal of the industry. As a Tier 1 module manufacturer, Seraphim wishes to have a closer relationship with downstream players, so as to better cater to the needs of our clientsand to developnew product lines.