Quality is Everything


Poly Cell             Mono Cell


The pursuit of precision and quality shines in every cell

  • High-precision and high-flatness screen printing

    High solder ability; Optimized stencil design; Zero defect in appearance

  • Advanced PECVD film

    Silicon-nitride anti-reflective coating; Uniform and pleasing navy blue

  • Perfect textured surface

    Monocrystalline pyramid-type textured surface and polycrystalline wormhole-type textured surface

    High nucleation density, large light receiving area, and low reflectivity

  • Precise FQA

    Parallel resistance test to reduce hotspot effect and to test for weak light response

    Precise and efficient sorting cells with consistent electric properties into 24 grades with high accuracy up to ±0.2%

    Appearance sorting ensures cells with similar color are combined together into a module.


  • Superior performance mono and poly crystalline cells with efficiency up to 20%

  • Five-busbar design optimizes the entire cell surface’s current collection, which assures more power output for higher fill factors

  • Improved charge-collection effect through finer and closer fingers design

  • Blue Si3N4 anti-reflecting coating allows more sunlight to be captured and converted

  • Lower light-induced degradation and hotspot prevention lead to maximum yield over the entire module lifetime

  • Highly uniform and aesthetically appealing modules