Seraphim provides PV module for Shandong commercial roof program

  Carbon-reduced: 2567.75 ton         Trees Plantend: 1407

The project was for the roof of Jinyu Decoration City located in Jining of Shandong province, designed with a capacity of 1.65MW and by adopting the model SRP-260-6PB. The formal grid connection and power generation was realized in the middle of July, 2016, and could supply about 1.9 million kW/h of clean energy to the grid on average every year, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2000 tons compared with traditional thermal power generation.

The power station can provide a thermal insulation layer for the roof, which changed the original roof into uniformed blue. The unused roofs of urban public building were fully used to create sustainable and pollution-free outstanding program to develop low-carbon economy. The power station not only realized the power supply of the decoration city but also added more modern and technical features for it.

The investors of the power station thought that the quality of module was the first factor to be considered. They were all full of praise for Seraphim’s advanced equipment, exquisite manufacturing technology and products with craftsman spirit after visiting its automatic manufacturing shop, and exporing Seraphim’s intelligent ERP manufacturing management system, after which they immediately decided to sign contract with Seraphim.

Justin.Xi, the executive general manager at Seraphim, believed that solar power was a kind of green, environmental friendly and sustainable energy solution. As a global leading photovoltaic module manufacturer, Seraphim was known for high efficiency and highly reliable modules which can ensure long-time and reliable power generation of the project, while contributing to green development of Shandong.