UTILITY solar module projects

With years of professional experience, Seraphim can provide you the perfect module product for your perfect projects so as to maximize your benefits of investments.

Three Projects Located in Karnataka

Module: SRP-6PA series
Location: Karnataka, India
Size: 66.0MW more


First In Singapore

Module: SRP-315-6PA
Location: Singapore
Size: 0.2MW more


Demonstration Power Station

Module: SRP-250-6PB
Location: Aydın,Turkey
Size: 1.0MW more


Zhaiheyuan Project

Module: SRP-300-E11B
Location: Henan,China
Size: 5.0MW more

Himeji PV Plant

Himeji PV Plant

Module: SRP-255-5MB
Location: Himeji, Japan
Size: 2.6MW

Massachusetts PV Plant

Massachusetts PV Plant

Module: SRP-260-6PA
Location: Massachusetts,USA
Size: 1.9MW

Berlin PV Plant

Berlin PV Plant

Module: SRP-290-6PA
Location: Berlin, Germany
Size: 2.9MW

Kumamoto PV Plant

Kumamoto PV Plant

Module: SRP-250-6PB
Location: Kumamoto, Japan
Size: 1.3MW

Tokyo PV Plant

Module: SRP-255-6PB
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Size: 7.2MW

Anhui PV Plant

Anhui PV Plant

Module: SRP-310-6MA
Location: Anhui, China
Size: 50.0MW

Pakistan PV Plant

Module: SRP-260-6PB
location: Pakistan
Size: 5.0MW

Izmail PV Plant

Izmail PV Plant

Module: SRP-315-6PA EZBox
location: Izmail, Ukraine
Size: 1.2MW

Jingle PV Plant

Jingle Poverty Alleviation Project

Module: SRP-265-6PB
Location: Shanxi, China
Size: 35.0MW


Oregon PV Plant

Module: SRP-325-6PA
location: Oregon, USA
Size: 14.0MW

Florida PV Plant

Module: SRP-325-6PB
location: Florida, USA
Size: 7.0MW

Oregon PV Plant

Oregon PV Plant

Module: SRP-6PA-325
Location: Oregon, USA
Size: 13.0MW

Fishery Hybrid PV Plant

Module: SRP-270-6PB-DG
Location: Changzhou, China
Size: 8.0MW

Kyushu PV Plant

Module: SRP-295-E11B
Location: Kyushu, Japan
Size: 4.0MW

PGA Project

Module: SRP-330-6PA
Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Size: 0.9MW

South Africa 1MWH PV+Storage Project

Module: SRP-320-6PA
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Size: 0.1MW

India PV Plant

Module: EzBox™ 6PB Series
Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Size: 15.0MW

Qinghai PV Plant

Module: SRP-270-6PB
Location: Qinghai, China
Size: 5.0MW