SERAPHIM is launching MRP System project

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Changzhou, China

Seraphim Solar System, (“SERAPHIM”), announced that it has started to develop MRP system, in order to enhance the manufactory process control and quality control. SERAPPHIM collaborates with MDS Group to develop an MRP system, which is using IR technology to manage the on-line production and quality control.

The system will use the cloud computing technology and all production data will be kept for 25 years to meet the requirement for customer survey. Customer with authenticated accounts could access the database to tracking the production information.

“With this advanced MRP system, it will enable us with “real” traceability in our productions and provide the easy-access way to manage our production and quality control data. Thus, we are able to provide customer more efficient and quality product and service” Mr. Endy Qian, Production Director of SERAPHIM, explained.