Recently, the 1500V monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules launched by Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Seraphim”) successfully passed the certification tests by TÜV SÜD Group (hereinafter referred to as “TÜV SÜD”). With the modules following the technical development trend of the whole PV power generation system, the levelized cost of energy of the PV system further reduces and the amount of generation further improves.

The 1500 V modules are much more advantageous over conventional 1000 V PV modules. With the 1500 V modules and their supporting parts, the system cost is low, and upon increase of the DC input voltage, more modules may be connected each, making it appropriate to reduce the number of the DC cables to be connected to inverters as well as the number of combiner boxes and inverters; upon increase of the voltage, with the reduction of cable loss, the amount of electricity output increases, thus further improving the generation efficiency.

According to Executive General Manager Xi Juntao of Seraphim, “successfully passing the certification by TÜV SÜD, the modules are proved to be high-quality undoubtedly. The reliability and excellent performance of PV modules are what each customer pays attention to. The 1500 V modules developed by Seraphim apply to various large PV power plants. Seraphim expands the applicable scope of products and provides different services, thus helping customers reduce the levelized cost of energy and gain more profits. The successful development and mass production of the 1500 V modules further show our strong R&D ability. In the future, we will leverage our world-leading strengths in module manufacturing, strengthen technology research and development, dominate industrial standards and proactively boost the technical development of the PV industry.”

“Congratulate Seraphim for the fact that its PV modules which apply to the system of the maximum voltage up to 1500V successfully pass the certification by TÜV SÜD. Meeting the requirement above the general standard of the maximum system voltage of 1000 V, Seraphim’s 1500V modules are proved to be high-quality. TÜV SÜD will continue to support its innovative development.” Mr. Zhang Zhulin, Executive Director and Chief Visa Officer of the PV Business Division of TÜV SÜD, said.

Recently, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Seraphim), a global leading photovoltaic module manufacturer, announced to sign an investment agreement with Changzhou Orient New City Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Orient New City) to establish Jiangsu Orient Seraphim Power Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Orient Seraphim) and jointly develop distributed PV projects.

The Orient Seraphim mainly focuses on photovoltaic power asset development, power station construction, power station operation and maintenance, investment management, power generation and sales etc., and is going to invest in the construction of distributed projects first in commercial complexes, school buildings, hospitals and large-scale public buildings. It is expected that 100MW-150MW projects will be built in 2017. Distributed PV project has vast potential for future development in China. With strategic foresightedness, Seraphim identified this opportunity long time ago. In addition to promoting the lean manufacturing and reducing the cost, the downstream market is also exploited by Seraphim while targeting the investment distribution of distributed PV stations. The Orient New City, being engaged in the investment and construction of state-owned assets, also makes active response to the state call of promoting the development and application of distributed new energy, which is significant to energy conservation and emission reduction.

“The establishment of the partnership is a milestone for Seraphim to leverage the downstream areas as a photovoltaic manufacturing enterprise.” The Seraphim executive general manager Justin.Xi says, “We should make the most of our technological advantages in module manufacturing, as well as Orient New City’s rich experience and resources in urban investment and construction, so as to further promote distributed photovoltaic power station business, and increase profit growth point. Orient New City is well prepared to provide experience and technical support and consistently expand the global market. We are willing to share our experience with people who devoted themselves to PV industry, and contribute to the sustainable development of our society.”

“Seraphim and Orient New City will devote our excellent practices in product quality management, engineering management and innovative research and development concept into Orient Seraphim. We will develop distributed PV projects hand in hand to secure the rapid development of the joint venture. We believe that our cooperation is a powerful combination and win-win situation. ” says Qian Wenjun, the general manager in Orient New City.

After the establishment, we are set to promote the development of photovoltaic new energy, further enhance the R&D ability, actively facilitate market expansion, expand product coverage and promote steady development of enterprises, so as to lead the national distributed PV plant investment and operation, and to contribute to global green energy.

The four-day Renewable Energy Asia 2017 was held from June 7 to 10, 2017 in Bangkok. On the first two days of the exhibition, Seraphim’s high-end booth style and high-efficiency exhibits display attracted many visitors on the site.

Seraphim brought its high-efficiency Eclipse™ modules, the new product of Blade half-cut module and EzBox™ modules to the exhibition. As the advantageous products of Seraphim, the high-efficiency modules drew the attention of the industry and its partners.

In the exhibition, Seraphim’s high-efficiency modules and good services were well received by local customers and visitors. With the further expansion of the broad market of Southeast Asia, Seraphim will have its reputation and brand influence further improved internationally.

On June 29, 2017, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Seraphim”) was awarded by China Building Material Test & Certification Group (hereinafter referred to as “CTC”) the qualification as “CTC-accredited PV Module Lab”. Quality Director Chen Jie of Seraphim and Head Han Song of the Glass and PV Products Test & Certification Institute of CTC attended the ceremony of award and made a speech.

Having been rapidly developing since the establishment in 2009, Seraphim has become a world-class leader in the field of manufacturing PV products, with the current capacity up to 2.1 GW throughout the world. Seraphim owns a world-class R&D lab which has been accredited by many international and domestic certification authorities including CSA Group, TÜV SÜD and CTC, showing that it has industry-leading PV testing technologies and operation and management systems. Based on long-term mutual cooperation and trust, CTC officially authorized Seraphim to be CTC-accredited PV module lab.

As the sole third-party test and certification authority of China who integrates test, certification, standard, scientific research, instrument research, development and marketing in the PV field, CTC owns the solar PV quality supervision and inspection center of national level, IECEE-accredited CB lab and the solar PV application test and demonstration base of national level, and has an increasing influence in terms of PV module test and certification, power plant acceptance and outdoor demonstration.

Quality Director Chen Jie of Seraphim said, “being the CTC-accredited PV module lab is very important for Seraphim, which may shorten the time to market and effectively and rapidly provide customers with high-quality PV modules. It is a great pleasure to maintain a good partnership with CTC. Thanks to CTC’s professional experience and outstanding reputation in the PV field, a good foundation is laid for the long-term development and market prospect of our products. We are looking forward to boosting the future development of the PV industry together with CTC.”

Han Song, Head of the Glass and PV Products Test & Certification Institute of CTC, said, “we are glad to authorize Seraphim to be CTC-accredited PV module lab, which shortens the period of certification of Seraphim’s products, saves the certification cost, avoids the complicated process of sending samples and initiates a mutual-benefit and win-win situation through today’s ceremony of award. Together with Seraphim, we will make joint efforts to construct a new platform of cooperation, and provide high-quality and high-efficiency PV products for the industries of PV and new energy.”

InterSolar Europe was held from May 31-June 2 in Munich, Germany. This is one of the world’s largest and most influential exhibition for the solar industry so far, with all internationally renowned enterprises in the industry, including Seraphim as the world’s leading PV module manufacturer.

On the first day of the exhibition, Seraphim’s high-end booth style and concise exhibits distribution attracted many visitors for business negotiation and enquiry of product performance.

Seraphim displayed its new products this year, among which the high-efficiency modules represented by the Blade half-cut module and Eclipse™ module are a highlight in the exhibition. The Blade half-cut cell module launched is designed through combination of the innovative half-cut cell technology with the half-cut cells in series and high-efficiency module, which effectively improves the module power output, reduces relevant BoS and system costs and minimize the effect of hot spots and shadows. Such module may also bring higher system profits. The half-cut series of monocrystalline module of Blade has 60 types of the output power up to 300 W, of which the conversion efficiency is 18.33%.

The Solar Show Philippines 2017 was held from May 24-26 at the SMX Convention Centre in Manila, Philippines. The event held in the most dynamic market of Asia in the fields of new energy and utilities has attracted a large number of exhibitors and visitors from different countries every year, including Seraphim.

According to the market condition of the Philippines, the sales team of Seraphim brought three high-quality modules to the trade show, including a 320 W monocystalline module of Eclipse™, 330W polycrystalline module of EzBox™ and a Duraflex™ module that may bear a load up to 8000 PA.

The EnerSolar + BRASIL 2017-International Fair of Technologies for Solar Energy was held from May 23 to 25, 2017. As the world’s leading PV module manufacturer, Seraphim attended the fair.

Seraphim displayed three modules including a 330 W high-efficiency Eclipse™ monocystalline module, 270 W double-glass module and a conventional 275 W polycrystalline module at booth 456 (on RUA 450) in the fair.

In the fair, Seraphim’s innovative products and good services were well received by visitors. With the expansion of the broad market of South America, Seraphim will have its reputation and brand influence further improved internationally.

On May 24-25, Jiangsu Seraphim SolarSystem Co., Ltd. was invited to China Intelligent PV Manufacturing Conference 2017as a terminal supporting unit. In the conference, Qian Hongjiang, Director ofthe Strategic Innovation Department of Seraphim, gave a report themed by “IntelligentManufacturing with PV”, and shared the practice of Seraphim in the intelligentmanufacturing demonstration plant.

It is introduced that the conference invites German Industrie 4.0 experts,including experts of KUKA Industrial Automation, Secretary of Industry 4.0 Club,experts of Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and HangzhouAutomation Research Institute and the intelligent PV manufacturingdemonstration plants including Seraphim, Artes and Chint and the supporting Industrie 4.0 experts who describethe origin of intelligent PV manufacturing of China.

To respond to the policy of “China Manufacturing2025”, Seraphim takes the lead in transferring to intelligentmanufacturing from traditional manufacturing, with the PV intelligent plantintegrating design, R&D, material transportation management, productionscheduling, production management, on-site management and after-sales services.The intelligent plant is equipped with the automatic production lines whoseintellectual properties are owned by Seraphim, and takes equipment, process andproduction operation and management into account in the concept ofintelligence, thus ensuring the perfect combination of process and equipmentand creating intelligent and complete sets of equipment and low productioncost; with the world’s most advanced H.A.L.M testing system and the automaticidentification facilities including barcodes, e-labels and barcode scanners, itmonitors the plant environment and resource consumption via Internet of Things.With the self-developed production management system of ERP that apply to PVenterprises, PV enterprises’ characteristics are fully considered, and recordsand statistic analyses are made on the whole process implementation plan andinformation system, forming the first real-time and traceable product qualitymanagement system in the industry. In 2015, Seraphim became one of the firstbatch of companies who pass the certification of intelligent demonstrationplant of Jiangsu.

On April 21, Seraphim stood out from thousands of exhibitors by virtue of its high-efficiency Eclipse™ HIT module, and won the Megawatt Jadeite Award in the 3 days of SNEC “Top 10 Highlights Award Ceremony” in 2017.

The high-efficiency Eclipse™ HIT module features low temperature without light induced degradation, of which the efficiency is above 21.17% (360 W), being the preferred product of high power. With the Eclipse imbrication technology which takes full advantage of the gaps within the module, in the event of same area, cells may be designed at most 13% more than that for a traditional module. Due to the design free of solder trips, the line loss greatly reduces, and CTM greatly increases, and the maximum output power of a single module improves by over 10%.

Technical Director Jin Peng of Seraphim participated in the award ceremony and said, “it is a great pleasure for Seraphim to win the SNEC Top 10 Highlights Awards for 2 consecutive years. Thank the experts and partners for paying attention to our technologies and products. In the future, Seraphim will provide customers with high-quality and high-performance PV modules and help them gain more profits by being committed to intelligent manufacturing and continuous innovation.”

Additionally, Seraphim brought the high-efficiency Eclipse™ modules, double-glass modules and conventional monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules to the expo for meeting different market demands. To appreciate the SNEC expert group for the recognition and all customers for the support, Seraphim will make continuous efforts to create a better future.

On March 28-29, 2017, with an environmental-friendly and high-efficiency image, Seraphim brought its high-efficiency Eclipse™ modules and conventional monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules to the South Africa Solar Exhibition held in Johannesburg, which was the most important solar exhibition of South Africa with many international exhibitors.

As a highlight at the Exhibition, Seraphim’s high-efficiency Eclipse™ modules attracted many traders and customers. With innovative process, the Eclipse™ modules have the efficiency greatly improved, and thanks to their high stability, greatly-reduced hot spot effect and good PID resistance as well as the greatly improved appearance due to the grating-free design, the modules apply to various power generation projects including residences, commercial roofs and large ground power plants.

Through the exhibition, Seraphim made a full survey and evaluation on the market environment, consumption custom and religion of South Africa, laying a valuable foundation for understanding the new energy market of Africa, improving product positioning and expanding the market.

Having spread throughout over 30 countries, Seraphim’s PV products play an increasingly important role in the U.S., Japan, India and Europe. As the world’s leading PV module manufacturer standing out at the Exhibition, Seraphim will make an important distribution in the new energy market of South Africa to lay a solid foundation for market expansion.