CHANGZHOU, China, November 10, 2015. Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System (hereinafter referred to as Seraphim) announced that it has successfully achieved “Tier 1” status on the latest PV Module Maker Tiering System of the Fourth Quarter 2015, published by world famous Bloomberg New Energy Finance (hereinafter referred to as BNEF) .

This unique Tiering system for global PV module makers independently developed by BNEF is based on “bankability”- whether projects using the solar products are likely to be offered non-recourse debt financing by banks. This system is designed to create a transparent differentiation between the hundreds of manufacturers of solar modules on the market.

BNEF’s Tiering System bases its criteria on what deals have been closed and tracked by their database, including successfully financed solar power projects in nominated period.

Seraphim, as a global module supplier, has just expanded its production capacity in China to 1.1GW, and another 300MW USA, because of their increased market share and loyal clientel.

“Seraphim takes quality management as key to the company’s sustainable development. We equip ourselves with an advanced fully-automatic production line, strict in-line quality control systems, an experienced technical team, and unique self-developed ERP system, which can enable clients to monitor their panel’s (orders) production process live through the internet. At the same time, the advanced ERP system provides comprehensive data package support, and guarantees the product full quality traceability. The ERP system realizes the real “full transparency” manufacturing philosophy,” commented Seraphim Executive Manager Justin XI, “BNEF’s Tier 1 title will be of great help in enlarging Seraphim’s global market share, by adding to us the advantage of large scale ground mouth solar power plants projects.”

It is well recognized that solar power plants’ reliability and Stability are the two key aspects that concern investors most, Seraphim has won wide recognition from internationally famous financial institutions, because of its products’ consistent high quality and achievable 25-year performance warranty, massive high efficient running projects applied Seraphim modules, these vouch for Seraphim’s successful product and services. BNEF’s Tier 1 status will be conducive to improve developers’ confidence of Seraphim, as well as its products, and drive Seraphim’s next leap.

Seraphim Solar achieves a perfect

October28, 2015. Today, Seraphim Solar (“Seraphim”), one of the highest-rated, World-class Solar Module Manufacturers, with 1.4GW solar panel manufacturing capabilities, announces that it has received Brazil’s National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) certification for photovoltaic (PV) systems, a prerequisite for companies wanting to sell products in Brazil.

Products on the Inmetro list are certified on a scale of A through E for their quality, technical competence, and energy efficiency. All of the tested Seraphim modules appearing on the list received a perfect “A” rating, reserved only for the highest quality products.

“Thanks to strict and proven quality control, Seraphim solar modules obtained the perfect ‘A’ rating. In our continuance of producing the highest rated solar modules in the industry, with zero failure rate, Seraphim Solar has developed a proprietary ERP production management system. This thorough and complex ERP system makes every process in product manufacturing well-monitored and recorded; and every potential risk is technically mitigated by preventive analysis and measures implemented. Customers can even monitor the production process in their office through the ERP system,” states the Global Executive General Manager of Seraphim, Justin Xi.

“Brazil will be a key PV market with local government the commitment, and their complete support and strong pursuance for renewable energies and solar. We anticipate rapid growth in Brazil,” confirmed Justin Xi. “Our global strategy for brand recognition has been well received, and with our U.S. Factory in Jackson, Mississippi opening next month, we continue to enhance our worldwide capabilities for our customers.”

The innovative solar modules developed by Seraphim can meet any commercial or residential customers unique needs: including DuraFlex ™modules able to bear up to 8000Pa mechanical load, Smart modules with integrated “smart” technology, “EzBox™” configured with three junction boxes, and Twin-Glass modules applicable to specialized roof projects.

Changzhou, China, July 28, 2015 – Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (“Seraphim”), a leading integrated provider of photovoltaic (PV) products, declared the acquirement of the certification from Solar Insurance and Finance (“SolarIF”) after a thorough risk assessment on company’s quality control and financial status. It means that Seraphim’s clients who use the approved modules can insure their projects with the option inherent defect from Solar Insurance, which backs up the warranty of the modules.

SolarIf carried out strict verification on Seraphim’s production process, quality control, EHS (Environment, health, safety) implementation and financial situation. The audit team spoke highly of Seraphim’s management for the professionalism and preciseness. The final Factory Audit Reporttestifies to that Seraphim have a solid management team, healthy financial status, and stable growth on production scale.

Besides SolarIf, Seraphim also provide customers with 10 years guarantee on product material, 12 years on 90% minimum output and 25 years on 80% minimum output. Third-party Insurance from international CHUBB on product reliability works as another supplementary warranty offered by Seraphim. With the aid of this warranty combination, Seraphim are able to furnish clients with “Turnkey” insurance service to protect their investments, from product material, manufacture, installation to plant operation. These warranties apply to all Seraphim modules sold on every market.

As Mr. Justin Xi, the General Manager of Seraphim said, they commit themselves to supplying global customers with reliable quality and high ROI products, through the exquisite product design, precise production procedure and stringent tests, the reception of SolarIf certification avouches for this.

Recently, the biggest solar project in India using Seraphim modules has been successfully running one year; this 15MW project locates in Karur District, Tamil Nadu, and the project is installed in phases, the first phase of the project (5 MW) was commissioned in a very short time period of 70 days and the entire15 MW project was completed in 82 days from start to finish.

The Solar panels used are high efficiency 250/255 Wp EzBox™ panels, with Thresher Certificate (triple IEC61215+61730 certification) and Chubb insurance for the power generation. This is the first time that Seraphim’s EzBox™ modules used in India; it will be widely accepted by customers in the foreseeable future, because of its great benefits to developers and EPC companies from both time and cost.

April 16, 2015 – Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd (“Seraphim””), a world’s leading-quality producer of solar panels, announces the launch of its EzBoxTM modules to the global market on the Solarex istanbul 2015.

As opposed to the traditional 1-Way junction box, EzBoxTM module with 3-Way junction box, helps shorten construction time and boost module performance and safety. It is a wise choice for the MW-level PV project. The EzBoxTM 6PB series modules is used in 15 MW India projects, which is successfully connected to the grid at 2014.

About EzBoxTM

Modules’ series resistance is lowered, which saves cables and busbars and boosts module power. The connection mode is optimized to reduce installation cost and shorten installation time. Diode heating issue is avoided to strengthen safety. 3-Way junction boxes can dissipate heat quickly, which guarantees modules’ safe and stable running state, and to a great extent, guarantees the safe and stable running of a power plant, improving return on investment for customers.