Recently, Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co.,LTD (hereafter refers as Seraphim) has been granted the title of Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center. This title reflects upon Seraphim’s excellence in R&D and smart manufacturing.

Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center is co-recognized by Jiangsu Economy and Information Technology Commission, Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, Science and Technology Department, financial department, State Taxation Bureau, and Local Taxation Bureau and Customs. Winning the title requires enterprise application, regional authority recommendations, expert evaluations, and committee judgment. The winner was chosen under very strict conditions. The key is to evaluate the company’s spirit for innovation and its research and development strength and ability. The title of Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center is given to the candidate that demonstrates effort in promoting enterprise technology advancement and promoting industrial transformation. Under such strict criteria, Seraphim with its superior innovative strength, won the unanimously vote of the judging committee team.

Since the beginning, Seraphim has been committed to promoting healthy development of photovoltaic industry. Seraphim has a specialized R&D center and relies on its strong scientific research strength to push forward industry innovation. Seraphim established the smart production system and quality management system to ensure high quality solar products for its customers. It efficiently reduces the manufacturing cost in order to enhance its product’s competitiveness within the industry. Seraphim has successfully passed the TUV, CSA, DNV-GL, and other certifications. It was also the recipient of the “Intelligent Production Enterprise” Award bestowed by the Chinese government in 2015.

“The title of ‘Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center’ demonstrates Seraphim’s reputation for innovation and creativity and fully embodies its leading position in the industry of solar technology. This also provides strong support for our development in solar markets in the future.” said Seraphim Executive General Manager, Justin Xi.

In order to promote technological progress of the whole industry, Seraphim will continue to improve and expand its technical strength, continuously improve its independent innovation ability, and to play an exemplary role as the technology center in the solar industry.

Seraphim was Invited to BNEF APAC Summit

As an international module manufacturer with emphasis on innovation, Seraphim iscontinuously investing in upgrading and developing intelligent production lines. The General Manager of Seraphim, Justin Xi, was invited to attend BNEF, The Future of Energy,APAC Summit 2016 at the Ritz-Carlton in Shanghai during November 1-2. He was also invited to take part in the panel of “Innovation in Solar – Cutting Edge Green Innovation” to discuss with other panelists and guests about smart manufacturing and product development.

Since the foundation of our company, we have always been searching for a unique development strategy. Most of our management team arefrom a technical background; we have many years of experience in the semi-conductor and electronics industry. Naturally, we emphasizetechnological innovation and product quality for our company strategy.

The Best Innovation Born for Market

“Innovation” is one of the most often used words in today’s economy. Some innovations are brought on by technician’s own interests. While in Seraphim, all innovations are sprung from clients’ needs which will ultimately facilitate the application of newer technologies. Seraphim has set up an R&D team and equipped it withadvanced equipmentof high accuracy and precision. Currently,our laboratory has been certified as a witness testing lab by various international and professional third-parties. This way, ournew products can be launched in a shorter time so as to better serve clients, not only our direct clients, but also all the system owners. For example, AC module is designed for rooftop projects; EzBox module, using separated junction boxes, is designed for large-scale projects; DuraFlex module is designed for strong wind and snow area, to name just a few. When it comes to our new product line, Eclipse, every element that defines a perfect solar module was considered— performance, reliability, heat resistance, PID, price and so on.One single Eclipse module could produce 325W of output, which is 15% higher than standard products.We believe this is one the most attractive products in the world of PV.

Lean Produce Makes High Quality and Low Cost

High quality products can’t be made without strict quality control management. Because we all started our careers as technicians, we value the production technology and process very much. One of the major cause of manufacturing flaws is human error. We are trying to reduce human error in our manufacturing by building a fully automated and digitally linkedproductionprocess. All production lines are specially designed for Seraphim’s products and we workingcontinuouslyto improve them. Last year, Seraphim was awarded the first batch of smart factory by Jiangsu government. This year, more improvement allowed for 80% labor saved per line.In the process of improving, as long as we reasonable distribute resources, improve the product quality, then we can achieve the goal of cost control, so as to bring the benefits to customers.

Searching for higher efficiency, reliability, and lower production cost is the main goal of the industry. As a Tier 1 module manufacturer, Seraphim wishes to have a closer relationship with downstream players, so as to better cater to the needs of our clientsand to developnew product lines.

The CIREC Week was successfully held in Santiago, Chile last week, and attracted thousands of industry experts to the event. Seraphim was invited as the Silver Sponsor and discussed with other industryleading companies all across the PV industry in Latin America.

As one of most stable and prosperous country inSouth America, Chile has quickly grown to become a leaderin PV installation in the region. By the end of 2015, the energy generation installations in Chile is about 20GW, in which PV contributed about 5%. Furthermore, the Chilean government mandates that electric utilities with more than 200MW operational capacity should generate 20% of electricity from renewable sources by 2025.Seraphim foresaw Chile as a market with great potential and now has established a local network to provide our clients the best service in the region.

During the conference, Seraphim had conversations with experts on the latest technology innovations, discussing local Chilean market characteristics, potential opportunities, future challenges, and etc.

Seraphim was proud to be the recipient of the Innovation of the Year Awardby the committee established by CIREC. This award reflects upon Seraphim’s long-time dedication towards developing innovative PV technologies and advancing the PV industry as a whole. We see this award as a confirmation of our company’s technological edge that will help further build our reputation in the Latin American region. In the future, Seraphim will continueto develop long lasting, high quality and efficient products to meet our clients’ needs.

Recently Seraphim Solar (hereafter refers as Seraphim) has been granted TMP Certificate by TÜV SÜD.

This TMP (Testing at Manufacturers Premises) certification enables Seraphim to complete new product certification within the factory, which will save time and expeditenew products releases, especially for transportation-costly, bulky, or seasonal products that have special requirements on test duration. TÜV SÜD has already examined all the essential lab testing qualities, including personnel qualifications, testing environment, testing the equipment, etc.

“Accredited as the TMP Lab by the TÜV SÜD Group, has definitely proved Seraphim’s strength in hardware configuration. Meanwhile, it also grants credit to Seraphim’s soft power in technological upgrade and innovation.“We have set up our own R&D laboratory since we were established as a company, and have been continuously closingour distance with the leading edge of PV technology. “, said Seraphim Executive General Manager, Justin Xi. “Furthermore, with in-house testing lab, new products can be launched in a shorter time, and costs will be saved too. Thus, our clients will benefit from our flexibility and fast reaction to the emerging needs of the market.”

According to the management team of TÜV SÜD, TMP are used in qualified labs and factories, in which products will be examined and detected exactly the way as inTÜV SÜD’s laboratory. TMP Certificate is quite demanding on the in-house lab’s equipment configuration, as well as the personnel’s profound technological knowledge and experience. TMP labs will test only the owner’s own products, but this will undoubtedly save time and money spent on sample delivery, etc. which is a benefit for manufacturers and customers alike.

On the July 29th, Seraphim Solar Manufacturing USA, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Seraphim”) received the “Witness Laboratory Accreditation Certificate” (WMTC) authorized by CSA Group(hereafter referred to as “CSA”), and officially became a CSA accredited witness laboratory.

The accreditation of this WMTC means that Seraphim’s new products can now be tested under the supervision of the CSA experts within our factory.

This will definitely save time, normally needed for application of CSA certification, and accelerate new product releases. Thus, Seraphim can respond more rapidly, and be more flexible towards market initiatives, with its relatively low R&D cost. It also means that Seraphim’s in-house testing system has met the best in class, global requirements.

As a global leading solar product manufacturer, Seraphim has had a long established laboratory of its own, to develop new products and to test its solar panels, so as to better serve our clients. The laboratory is an inseparable part of Seraphim’s technical strength.

“Accredited as a CSA witness laboratory, suggests that our testing laboratory is qualified to the strict international testing standards, and demonstrates Seraphim’s professionalism in innovation and creativity. In the future we will cooperate further with international certification bodies in depth, to contribute to a more sustainable world” said Seraphim Executive General Manager, Justin XI.

Jiang Yi, VP of China, CSA Group comments that ‘the Witness Laboratory Accreditation Certificate, will provide a more efficient testing platform for Seraphim’s new products. This is constructive for Seraphim, supplying higher efficiency and more reliable module to global customers, as well as improving Seraphim’s impact in the solar industry.’

Recently, Seraphim Solar USA Manufacturing, Inc. (hereafter referred as Seraphim) has successfully been tested and passed three certificates by

DNV GL, ISO9001: 2008- Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management Systems, and OHSAS18001: 2007 -– Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

As one of the global leading third-party certification bodies, DNV GL has sent its expert team to Seraphim’s Changzhou factory to examine the production of Seraphim’s modules.

After two days’ of examinations, DNV GL’s expert team has highly graded Seraphim’s systematic corporation management and institution execution, and and considered Seraphim a professional company with high level of employment environment and management. As a result, the expert team agreed that Seraphim qualifies for the three systems certifications mentioned above.

Obtaining the three widely accepted certificates shows that Seraphim’s management has reached an unprecedented level, and has a great influence in the company’s future management. In the future, Seraphim will continue to work on the perfection of its management system, so as to push the company’s management in quality, environment, and safety and health systems into an even more effective way. We want to improve Seraphim’s brand awareness and reputation worldwide, said the General Manager Polaris Li.

As the global leading PV product supplier, Seraphim has been providing high quality products and services to the whole world since its founding.The achievement of the three systems certificates will certainly reinforce our clients’ confidence in Seraphim.

Mississippi, USA, June 27, 2016 — Today, Seraphim Solar (“Seraphim”), one of the highest-rated, world-class solar module manufacturers, with 1.9GW solar panel manufacturing capabilities in U.S.A. and China, announces that it has received the Dust and Sand Test certification for photovoltaic (PV) modules, which was issued by the world leading third party certification agency TUV SÜD group (“TÜV SÜD “).

When PV modules are installed in extreme environments, sand and dust abrasion may have some impact on the surface of the glass, backsheet as well as the junction box of PV modules. Sand and dust tests mainly relates to dust composition, sand and dust density, particle size, wind speed, test temperature, humidity, and test duration. The simulation tests of severe sandstorm erosion, play a vital role in understanding the solar modules’ reliability and durability in a real environment.

‘More and more Seraphim modules are being installed in desert environments. This means that our modules have to withstand high-speed dust abrasion and surface impact. Obtaining the Sand and Dust certification ensures the applicability and durability of our solar modules under extreme environments such as the desert environment. We are very proud of our solar modules and their test results in a series of rigorous testing conducted by TÜV SÜD.’ commented Justin Xi, Executive Manager of Seraphim Solar.

‘TÜV SÜD is committed to delivering quality service for photovoltaic industry as a third party certification body and establishing the confidence of photovoltaic products long-term reliability. ‘TÜV SÜD PV Operation Director of China and Chief Visa Officer Zhang Zhu Lin said, ’Sand and dust test certificates issued by the TÜV SÜD, ensures the high quality of the modules installed in the desert environments and provides the customers’ long-term returns.’

JACKSON, Miss., March 1, 2016 — Seraphim Solar USA Manufacturing, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Seraphim”), is proud to introduce our new high efficiency module the “Eclipse” to the global market. The product will be launched at PV Expo in Japan and upcoming exhibitions, including Ecobuild UK in the coming week.

With an innovative design compared to mainstream 60-cell modules, the Eclipse series, high efficiency solar modules employ innovative module design, and a unique production method. The Eclipse Mono (size is similar to a normal 60-cell module) achieves 19.1% solar energy conversion efficiency. The Eclipse Poly (size is similar to a normal 60-cell module) achieves 17.1% solar energy conversion efficiency.

The Eclipse utilizes innovative technology to optimize the busbar and module design.

With the overall busbar-free design, the active working area of the module is enlarged, so as to convert more electricity from sunlight to the maximum extent possible. The Eclipse’s generates 50% calorific effect compared to traditional modules, which largely reduces hot spot effects and guarantees continuous electricity generation.

Tests show that the Eclipse generates 15% more output than conventional modules.

For same size power installations, the Eclipse will save 8% floor space, less labor and BOS cost, and ultimately provide more income to customers.

Seraphim’s General Manager Polaris Li is very confident in Eclipse. “This new technology and design work together to increase overall power output. Using normal cells, the Eclipse increases the conversion rate by 0.5%-4%.”

“When we began work on the on this new solar module, we considered every element that defines a perfect solar module – performance, reliability, heat resistance, PID, price and so on. We then challenged ourselves to find the best, the most forward-looking way possible,” said Global Executive General Manager Justin Xi. “Eclipse is radically different from anything before it. As the slogan says – What you want, is all Behind the Eclipse.”

Chang Zhou, China, January 11th, 2016-one of the highest-rated, World-class Solar Module Manufacturers, with 1.4GW solar panel manufacturing capabilities, announces that it will provide PowerGuard’s 25-year warranty solution to their solar panel clients.

Seraphim Solar clients, whose panels have been registered by PowerGuard, will enjoy a global, irrevocable and immediate insurance‐backed warranty which provides third‐party rights to the insurance in case of insolvency or bankruptcy.

Immediate coverage (no waiting period)
25‐year non‐cancellable term (even if SERAPHIM becomes insolvent or bankrupt)
Insurance Program insures SERAPHIM‘s Limited Warranty, including PV Modules against Product Defect and Performance output
Third‐Party policy rights (satisfies investors/bankers requirements)
The solar module is the key component of the PV power station. Seraphim Solar offers customers with 10 years guarantee on product material, 12 years on 90% minimum output and 25 years on 80% minimum output. PowerGuard’ 25-year warranty solution will ensure clients’ return on investments.

For long term relationship with customers, Seraphim Solar commits itself to supplying global customers with reliable quality and high ROI products, through the exquisite product design, precise production procedure and stringent tests, to establish long term relation with customers.